The Fossil Record: Unearthing Nature’s History of Life

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements 6
Foreword 7
Introduction 9
Chapter 1 Evolution and Creation as Worldviews 13
Chapter 2 Creation/Evolution Battle Starts Afresh 17
Chapter 3 Evolution and Creation Contrasted 21
Chapter 4 Time 27
Chapter 5 The Nature of the Fossil Record 35
Chapter 6 Fossils of the Earliest Life 43
Chapter 7 Origin of the Invertebrates 51
Chapter 8 From Invertebrates to Vertebrates 57
Chapter 9 The First Land Animals 69
Chapter 10 Fossils of Special Interest 85
Chapter 11 Fossils That Tell a Special Story 113
Chapter 12 The Real Nature of the Fossil Record 123
Chapter 13 What Difference Does It Make to Me? 127
Appendix The True Nature of Evolution’s “Transitional Forms”  
  Introduction 129
  Chordates 132
  Vertebrates 133
  Osteichthyes (Bony Fish) 141
  Sarcopterygians (Fleshy-finned Fish) 146
  Amphibians 150
  Early Reptiles 153
  Mammals 154
  Artiodactyla (Cloven-hoofed Animals) 161
  Ruminants (Cattle, Camels, and Deer) 164
  Rodents 165
  Lagomorphs (Pikas, Hares, and Rabbits) 167
  Whale Evolution 170
  Perissodactyls (Horses, Tapirs, and Rhinos) 174
Notes 179
Selected Bibliography 185
Photo and Illustration Credits 187
Index 189

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The Fossil Record

The claim that fossils document evolution is simply not true. ICR geologist Dr. John Morris and zoologist Frank Sherwin unearth the evidence of earth’s history and conclude that the fossil record is incompatible with evolution, but remarkably consistent with the biblical account of creation and the great Flood of Noah’s day.

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