In conjunction with the Creation Training Initiative, the Institute for Creation Research will host the Creation: Basic Training course at the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History. This training course will be led by Mr. Mike Riddle and Dr. Anthony Silvestro from the Creation Training Initiative.

Date: Mar 27, 2021

The cost for Creation: Basic Training is $45.00 for adults and $25.00 for teens. The cost of the training course includes a 110-page manual and snacks for the day as well as FREE admission to the Discovery Center Exhibit Hall. Click here to register.

Creation: Basic Training is a one-day training course that will equip Christian believers to confidently defend the biblical account of creation and boldly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This training course is intended for teens and adults, and will include lectures, class participation, and exercises.

Topics Covered Include:
• How to establish a biblical worldview
• 10 biblical evidences the days of creation were literal days
• How to handle objections to a 6-day creation
• Why scientists cannot prove an old earth
• The Genesis Flood, geology, and the fossil record
• Biblical apologetics (answering common challenges)
• Dismantling the foundations of evolution


Saturday, March 27th
Presenter Title Description
8:00 a.m. Doors Open
Mr. Mike Riddle "Establishing and Defending a Biblical Worldview" • The mission of the church
• The full context of the gospel
• Presuppositions and worldviews
• Biblical worldview case study – the days of creation
--Words have meaning (basic hermeneutics)
--10 biblical evidences the word “day” means a literal day
• Class exercise
Dr. Anthony Silvestro "Handling Objections" • The 2 Peter 3:8 challenge
• Yom does not always mean a literal day
• Plant death before the Fall
• The gap theory
• The framework hypothesis (Genesis 1 is poetry)
• Did God use evolution?
• Class exercise
Mr. Mike Riddle "Science and Time" • 5 things to know about radiometric dating methods
-- What do they really measure?
-- Are there any assumptions?
-- How accurate are they?
-- Dinosaurs and dating
-- Scientific evidences for a young earth
• Can we use modern scientific evidence to interpret the Bible?
• Class exercise
Mr. Mike Riddle "The Flood, Geology, and the Fossil Record" • The Genesis Flood and the Bible
• Why is the Genesis Flood an important issue?
• The Genesis Flood and hermeneutics
• The Genesis Flood and critical thinking
• The Genesis Flood and the New Testament
• The Genesis Flood and geology
• The Genesis Flood and the fossil record
• Class exercise
Dr. Anthony Silvestro "Biblical Apologetics" • What is apologetics?
• Critical thinking questions
• Who did Cain marry?
• How can the first three days of creation be literal days without the sun?
• How could Noah fit all the creatures on the Ark?
• Is the Big Bang biblical?
• Class exercise
Mr. Mike Riddle "Dismantling Two Foundations of Evolution" • The origin of life
-- A review of terms
-- Attempts to create life
-- A problem with oxygen
-- A problem with water
-- A problem with amino acids
• Biological evolution (Darwinian evolution)
-- Mutations and information
-- A case study
-- Natural selection – how does it work?
-- Three questions to ask
• Class exercise
5:30 p.m. Conclusion

ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History
1830 Royal Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

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