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What’s Inside the Discovery Center?

ICR is halfway through construction of an innovative facility to showcase the evidence that supports the Bible. But we still need to fund the exhibits. With your help, the discovery center will feature a state-of-the-art planetarium with 3-D imagery, and visitors will experience stunning and interactive exhibits everywhere they turn. We’ll use holograms, video touch screens, dinosaur fossils, and animatronic creatures to demonstrate how science confirms the accuracy of Scripture, including the biblical timeline for recent creation. Along the way, attributes of Jesus that describe His care and concern for us will be featured in every exhibit.

Special Features

Planetarium—Travel the stars in an immersive 3-D experience. Watch how God designed order, complexity, and creativity among the young cosmos.

Auditorium—Listen to the latest research by ICR scientists in a state-of-the art multimedia auditorium.

The Science Store—Equip yourself with high-quality resources and refuel with light snacks and drinks.

Outdoor Park—Relax, eat, or play in a beautiful, picturesque park outfitted with covered pavilions, benches, our signature DNA water fountain, and more!

Main Exhibits

Founders of Science—Learn how early scientists’ desire to understand God’s creation inspired their monumental discoveries.

Origin of the Universe—Explore the wonders of the universe and learn about big problems with the Big Bang.

Garden of Eden—Wander through the stunning display of variety and created kinds in God’s “very good” creation.

Noah’s Ark and the Flood—Step into the Ark and experience evidence for the worldwide Genesis Flood in an immersive Ark exhibit.

Grand Canyon—Peer into Grand Canyon and learn how geologists uncover the mysteries of the past. See how Mount St. Helens provides clues to the present.

After the Flood—Witness the effects of the worldwide Flood on the world. Explore the science of soft-tissue research. Discover the truth behind the behemoth and leviathan.

The Ice Age and Ice Age Theater—Take a cool break in the Ice Age Theater. Stand next to creatures of the Ice Age, the wooly mammoth and wooly rhino.

Interactive Exhibits and More—We’ll offer a new experience with each visit–new research, fresh discoveries, and opportunities to dig deeper into science.

DNA—Discover what cutting-edge research reveals about humans, chimps, and genomic studies. See how science reveals the flaws in evolutionary theory.

Partner with Us!

For almost 50 years, ICR scientists have uncovered evidence that the Bible is right and its message is true. We’ve come a long way in creation science ministry—but millions still need to know the evidence. Partner with us to build the ICR Discovery Center to demonstrate God’s Word can be trusted in all matters—including science.