Student Agreement

In consideration for your enrollment fee, the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) will provide you with access to the Creationist Worldview educational program (Program). The Program includes an Internet-based distance education application, textbooks and ICR’s online resources.

1. If you successfully complete the Program you will receive Certification in Creationist Worldview Studies from ICR.

  • It is your responsibility to verify if any portion of the Program qualifies for Continuing Educational Units (CEU) by your professional organization.
  • The Program does not grant accredited transferable college credits.
  • The Program does not grant associate, bachelor, master, or doctoral degrees. For information about other distance educational programs offered by ICR's School of Biblical Apologetics, visit

2. Enrollment fees will be refunded if you send by email to a notice to withdraw from the program as follows:

  • All (100%) enrollment fees will be refunded if notice is sent within two (2) business days after your enrollment payment has been received.
  • Half (50%) of the enrollment fees will be refunded if notice is sent within thirty (30) calendar days after your enrollment payment has been received.
  • No enrollment fees will be refunded beyond thirty (30) calendar days after your enrollment payment has been received.

3. The Program consists of five (5) study Modules of courses. Each module is designed to be completed within two months by a student studying approximately five hours per week. If you do not complete a single module within a 12-month period, you will be dropped from the Program. ICR reserves the right to terminate your access to the Program.

4. You agree to abide by ICR's Ethical Use Policy ( for content within the Program and ICR's online resources. You agree to protect your username and password and not disclose it to anyone other than ICR staff.

5. By entering submissions in the Program, such as essay answers to exam questions, you are granting ICR permission to use your submission and to publish your name and your occupation in connection with it. You must be the original author for all submissions that you enter. You agree not to plagiarize another's work or violate another's copyright.

6. The Program will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance periods each week. In addition, there occasionally may be unscheduled service outages that occur without notice. These outages may be caused by problems with ICR systems, the public Internet, the student's connection to the Internet or by the student's computer. ICR will provide technical support advice by email ( during ICR’s business hours (Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM Central).

This agreement is subject to reasonable changes by ICR. Once you have paid for a Module of courses, your fee for that module will not be increased. Upon any changes, you will be notified by the email address you have provided to ICR.

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