take away from the words

Revelation 22:19

22:19 take away from the words. Even more serious a crime than adding words to the Bible (as many cults have presumed to do) is that of taking away from its words (as numerous liberal theologians have done). Taking human reason with its evolutionary presuppositions as their guide instead of Biblical authority, the cultic and liberal approach has tried to undermine every book of the Bible, especially the foundational book of Genesis and the consummational book of Revelation. As the Apostle Peter had already warned, they deny or allegorize “the promise of His coming” by their willing ignorance of the supernatural creation of the world in the beginning and its later cataclysmic destruction by the great Flood (II Peter 3:3-6). These assumptions, they think, give them license to “wrest…the Scriptures” however they please, but it can only be “unto their own destruction” (II Peter 3:16). It is very dangerous for believers to be influenced by either cultists or liberals (note II Peter 3:17), but it is deadly for one to become a leader or teacher of such things.

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