seven times

Leviticus 26:18

26:18 seven times. Whether the “seven times” refers to seven particular seasons of judgment, or is simply symbolic of intense fullness of punishment (seven being often an emblem of completeness) is not stated explicitly. Note also its repetition in Leviticus 26:21,24, and 28. Actually the word “times” is only inferred in each of these four verses, with the regular word for “seven” translated as “seven times.” It is closely related to the word for “sevenfold.” Seven main judgments are mentioned: (1) eating by marauding animals (Leviticus 26:22); (2) slaughter by enemies (Leviticus 26:25); (3) pestilence (Leviticus 26:25); (4) famine (Leviticus 26:26); (5) cannibalism (Leviticus 26:29); (6) destruction of the cities (Leviticus 26:31); and (7) dispersion into other nations (Leviticus 26:33).

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