not after the Lord

2 Corinthians 11:17

11:17 not after the Lord. Paul is not denying divine inspiration of his words at this point, but simply stating that boasting of one’s pedigree and achievements was not normal and proper behavior for a Christian, even for an apostle. It is evident throughout this whole passage (II Corinthians 11:16ff), that it was painfully embarrassing for him to have to recite his own qualifications in this way. The Corinthians had rendered it necessary, however, by receiving the teachings of the fake apostles as superior to those of Paul and submitting themselves to their undeserved and even despotic leadership, primarily because of their professed superior qualifications to those of Paul. The Apostle Paul surely has set an example here for other true Christian leaders. Boasting of one’s achievements and experiences is ill becoming to a Christian, the only exception being when it is necessary, for the sake of the testimony, to rebut the false claims of those who are thereby deceiving others and keeping them from believing God’s Word.

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