lay by him in store

1 Corinthians 16:2

16:2 lay by him in store. Although this particular collection was for what we today would call a “designated offering,” it seems likely that this principle of regular and systematic giving for the over-all work of the Lord was carried out in similar fashion. The words “in store” (Greek thesaurizo, meaning “storehouse” or “treasury”) would indicate that the church maintained a depository where its members could deposit their offerings each Lord’s Day. The phrase “by him” might indicate that a record was kept of each contribution, so that each believer would have his or her own mini-treasure from which to draw and offer for various needs as they arose. This particular method, while not binding on all Christians or their churches, seems quite realistic and was apparently that recommended by Paul. Perhaps, alternatively, each such depository could be maintained at home by each member, individually, depending on local circumstances.

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