make an ark

Exodus 25:10

25:10 make an ark. This is the third “ark: mentioned in scripture. However, the first two–Noah’s of wood, and baby Moses’ ark of bulrushes–both were from the same Hebrew word; a word meaning simply “box.” This ark, on the other hand, is represented by a Hebrew word meaning “chest” or “coffin.” It was first used in Genesis 50:26, referring to the placing of Joseph’s body in a “coffin” in Egypt. The second use of the word is right here. This Ark of the Covenant (assuming the Hebrew cubit to be eighteen inches) was forty-five inches long, twenty-seven inches wide, and twenty-seven inches deep. In it were to be placed the two tables of the law which Moses would receive directly from God on Mount Sinai (Exodus 25:16). Thus it was to be called both “the ark of the testimony” (Exodus 25:22) and “the ark of the covenant of the LORD” (Numbers 10:33).

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