fearful sights

Luke 21:11

21:11 fearful sights. Only Luke’s account includes “fearful sights and great signs from heaven” among the signs of the nearness of Christ’s return. In recent decades, many people have, indeed, reported seeing such things (i.e., UFOs and their associated phenomena), but the great majority of people have not. On the other hand, the other signs (world wars, famines, pestilences, earthquakes) are common knowledge to all. Perhaps there is a partial fulfillment in the man-made phenomena seen in space—the space probes, moon landings, orbiting satellites, space platforms, and even giant radio telescopes searching for signals from the stars. Since only Luke mentions this, however, and since he mentions it last of all, perhaps this particular sign is still future (note, e.g., Revelation 6:12-14), in contrast to the other signs, which seem already to have been fulfilled (see note on Matthew 24:7). At this point in time, we can hardly be dogmatic.

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