call him Lord

Matthew 22:45

22:45 call him Lord. With a single word (“Lord”) Christ silenced the Pharisees, just as He had used a single word (“am”) to refute the Sadducees. Again this illustrates Christ’s affirmation of verbal inspiration of Scripture, and also His own claim to deity. Citing Psalm 110:1 (Matthew 22:44), written by David and acknowledged by the Jews to be prophetic of the coming Messiah, He pointed out that David had spoken of Him as “my Lord.” Yet it was also acknowledged by all that the Messiah would be of the seed of David (II Samuel 7:12-16). The only way such prophecies as these and others could be fulfilled was for God to become man. The Messiah must be God incarnate! Noting His frequent quoting from the Old Testament, it is clear that, for the Lord Jesus Christ, the Scriptures were God’s Word, having full and final authority.

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