sister of Nebajoth

Genesis 36:3

36:3 sister of Nebajoth. The names of Esau’s wives here seem to conflict with those at Genesis 26:34 and Genesis 28:9. However, it was not uncommon for a person to be known by one name early in life and another later in life (e.g., Abram: Abraham, Sarai: Sarah, Jacob: Israel). Possibly women were called by new names after marriage. Therefore, probably Adah, Aholibamah and Bashemath (in this record) were the same women as Bashemath and Judith (in Genesis 26:34) and Mahalath (in Genesis 28:9), respectively. Another explanation may be that Esau actually had six wives. A final possibility is that the names in one case are those in the native tongues of the women, and in the other case are their Hebrew names.

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