profaned among the heathen

Ezekiel 36:21

36:21 profaned among the heathen. God thus prophesied through Ezekiel that the Israelites would continue to reject Him during the time they were dispersed among the Gentiles (Ezekiel 36:19-20) just as they had in their own land. Nevertheless, He would finally bring them back, not because they had repented while among the heathen, but “for mine holy name’s sake” (Ezekiel 36:22), so that “the heathen shall know that I am the LORD” (Ezekiel 36:23). Their return—especially while still in unbelief—would be a great testimony to the world that God’s Word is true and that He will surely fulfill all His prophecies—both of promise and of judgment. And it is exactly that, today!

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