Ezekiel 28:13

28:13 Eden. No one was in Eden, the garden of God, except Adam and Eve, plus Satan. We are forced to conclude that this “king of Tyrus” is none other than Satan, personally possessing and controlling the willing body of the proud “prince of Tyrus.” Just as he possessed the body of the “king of Babylon” (see notes on Isaiah 14:12-15) and the body of Judas (Luke 22:3), he was able to possess and control the Tyrian monarch. His strategy in first personally taking control of an earlier king of Babylon and then the prince of Tyre, rather than leaving them to lower powers in the demonic hierarchy, probably had to do with the great military influence developing in Babylon and the preeminent economic influence of Phoenicia. By controlling the leaders of these two world powers, he could largely control the world, firmly establishing his anti-God materialistic, pantheistic, evolutionistic religious system almost everywhere. In this, he had largely succeeded.

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