at the point to die

Genesis 25:32

25:32 at the point to die. It would have taken Esau only a few minutes to fix himself something to eat. He probably meant, however, that he would die some day, and the birthright would be worthless to him then. He knew that Isaac might well (indeed should) decide eventually to give it to Jacob. This way, he would at least get a good meal out of it! Esau, literally, “despised his birthright” (Genesis 25:34). The amazing thing is that most modern Christians, like Isaac, tend to “love Esau,” and regard Jacob as the culprit in this transaction. Jacob, of course, should have simply trusted God to work things out according to His will and promise, rather than trying to devise his own means for getting this accomplished. Jacob’s sin, however, was simply that of insufficient faith and patience and, since he meant it for good, could more easily be forgiven.

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