Job 32:2

32:2 Elihu. Elihu was considerably younger than Job and his three friends (Job 32:4,6), and seems to have come to observe Job’s situation because of its theological interest. He was evidently from a pious family—his name seems to mean “Jehovah is God” and his father’s name, Barachel, means “Blessed be God.” As a novice theologian, he was spiritually minded, with a high conception of God’s majesty and righteousness, but understood little of His grace and redemptive love. Although the terms “Buzite” and “Ram” are difficult to identify, it is possible that Buz was Abraham’s nephew (Genesis 22:21), and that the Buzite family was a unit in the tribe descended from Aram (assuming Ram is the same as Aram), one of the sons of Shem (Genesis 10:22-23). Since Uz was a son of Aram, this would make Elihu a distant relative of Job’s. All this is uncertain but, in any case, Elihu lived in some region not too far from Uz, in order to be present to listen to the dialogue between Job and his three friends.

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