The sons of Levi

1 Chronicles 6:1

6:1 The sons of Levi. The most complete genealogy given here in I Chronicles is that of the tribe of Levi. The reason undoubtedly is because the priests all had to be descendants of Aaron and the other Levites, and were the only ones to serve in the tabernacle. It was important that the credentials of anyone serving as a priest or Levite have adequate genealogical proof of his Levitical ancestry, especially since they were to be scattered among all the tribes, with no designated division of their own. Kohath, the second son of Levi, was the father of Amram, who was the father of Aaron, from whom all future priests must come.

6:15 Jehozadak. Josedech is another form of the name of this last of the priests before the Babylonian captivity. His son, Joshua, was the priest who returned with Zerubbabel to rebuild the temple at Jerusalem after the exile (Haggai 1:1,12,14).

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