2 Kings 24:12

24:12 Jehoiachin. Both Jehoahaz, who ruled only three months and Jehoiakim, who ruled eleven years (II Kings 23:31,36), were wicked sons of good King Josiah. Jehoiachin, who was Josiah’s grandson, was also an evil king, though not as much so as the others were (see note on II Kings 25:27). He ruled only three months before being taken captive to Babylon. Another wicked son of Josiah, Zedekiah, ruled eleven years, and he was to be Judah’s last king of the Davidic line. Jeremiah had prophesied concerning both Jehoiakim and Jehoiachin (also called Jechoniah and Coniah) that their lines would end (Jeremiah 36:30, 22:28-30). Nevertheless God’s promise to David would still be fulfilled, through another branch of David’s descendants (Jeremiah 33:17; Luke 1:31-33; 3:23-31).

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