rent his clothes

2 Kings 22:11

22:11 rent his clothes. Evidently Josiah had not previously read the inspired words of Moses before this lost copy of the Pentateuch was found hidden in the temple. His wicked grandfather, King Manasseh, had done all he could to stamp out the worship of Jehovah in Israel, no doubt trying to destroy as many copies of the Scriptures as he could find. God has always preserved His Word, however, and some faithful scribe or priest had hidden this particular copy somewhere in the temple where it could be preserved until it was finally rediscovered by Hilkiah the high priest when the temple was being renovated at Josiah’s orders. Even though Josiah had not previously seen the Scriptures himself, he had evidently been instructed therein to some degree by faithful priests, so that he had desired while still young to restore the temple and its worship. Undoubtedly other copies of the Scriptures had also been preserved at various locations in Judah. When Josiah saw the book himself, however, and realized that God had kept it safe in the temple all those years, he was profoundly moved, and the great revival under his leadership was the result.

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