deal kindly

Ruth 1:8

1:8 deal kindly. The word translated “kindly” here in regard to Ruth’s love for Naomi is rendered as “kindness” in Ruth 2:20, speaking of the Lord’s love toward Ruth (even though she was a Moabitess) and of Ruth again (Ruth 3:10) in the case of her choosing Boaz over a younger man in order to provide Naomi with a legal heir for one of her deceased sons. It is most often translated “lovingkindness” or “mercy.”

1:16 thy God my God. Naomi was such a faithful witness and godly mother-in-law that both Moabite daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth, loved her dearly even after their husbands were dead. However, when Orpah had to choose, she returned to her pagan nature-gods (centered in Chemosh, “the subduer”). Ruth, evidenced true conversion to the God of creation, not only by taking God as her own Savior but by going with the people of God and entering the family of God’s people.

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