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Support Creation Ministry in Texas and Beyond
ICR scientists and support staff recently completed a two-week science expedition through the Great Plains and western mountain states to conduct scientific research and produce two documentaries. And now our Dallas creation museum and event teams are welcoming guests of all ages to celebrate our first ever Dinosaur Week and learn about these mysterious creatures from a biblical perspective. How can ICR afford to take on these and many other faith-building endeavors? It’s because of our incredible donors! ICR’s creation science ministry is flourishing because of faithful and generous friends like you.

We have a special opportunity for you to join ICR’s mission and point people to our awesome Creator and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Today is North Texas Giving Day. This 18-hour online giving event draws support for North Texas nonprofits through one easy-to-use website. Would you please consider donating a gift of any amount today through ICR’s North Texas Giving Day page?

You can also get involved in creation ministry by
  • Spreading the word about ICR’s ministry via social media, texting, and email.
  • Volunteering with ICR and the ICR Discovery Center.
  • Praying for ICR’s ministry to impact lives in North Texas and beyond.
Every dollar sent, prayer lifted up, and post shared online is a blessing. Your donations will fund ICR’s scientific research projects, educational events, resource development, film production, operations and outreach, museum programs, exhibits and shows, and more.

Your financial gifts, spreading the word, volunteering, and prayers make a difference—we hear testimonies of your impact every day! We thank the Lord for you!

Are you interested in supporting ICR through monthly gifts? Curious about planned giving, IRAs, stocks, and other giving options? Click here to learn more and schedule your giving.

*Michael Hansen is Marketing Manager at the Institute for Creation Research.
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