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Sharing Creation Evidence

Hi, I'm Michael Lane, and I work in ICR’s Distribution center. You may be convinced of biblical creation, but how do you show the strong scientific evidence for creation to others? Imagine a place that you can invite your friends and family to see the evidence for themselves. This is what the ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History is all about!

I'm excited as I see the work that’s going into this project. I can't wait to attend the 3-D planetarium shows to explore God’s creation in our solar system and feel like I’m traveling through space! The Flood exhibits will show what it might have been like to board the Ark with Noah and the animals. And the Ice Age Theater will help my family understand how a biblical event best explains this extreme change in Earth’s climate.

When you look at science from a biblical approach, everything starts to make sense. The Discovery Center will bring this kind of clarity for people around the country, including your family and friends.

Please support this project with your donation today.


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