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Projecting the Light of God’s Word

Hi, I’m Beth Mull. I’m an editor at ICR, and it’s a joy to hear from people who have been blessed by our books, DVDs, online articles, and other publications. ICR’s creation resources have given them confidence in the Bible’s authority, as well as provided them with tools for sharing God’s creation truth with others. I’m grateful for the donors who enable this ministry’s vital work.

Sometimes I look around and think the world has gone totally crazy. Of course, evil and craziness have been part of the world since Adam and Eve first sinned, but just within my lifetime the bedrock values that once guided our culture seem to have turned 180 degrees. It’s just like in the days of the Judges, when “everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” What is needed is the firm foundation of thought and belief that only God can give—and that’s just what He provides in His Word. At ICR, we work diligently to demonstrate that the Bible is accurate and authoritative and can be believed without twisting its words to accommodate off-base secular theories.

Please help us project the light of God’s Word to a dark, lost world.

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