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Memories and Missions

As Director of Communications at the Institute for Creation Research, I reported directly to Dr. Henry M. Morris III for nine years. He was my boss, but he was also my friend. I have fond recollections of stopping by Dr. Henry’s office to talk through projects and of his responses as we worked through the details. If there were any problems, I usually had the confidence that I could take them to him and be heard. He honored me and others in that way—he listened.

He had a distinctive way of ending conversations, too. He’d smile and wave his hand as if to brush you out of the room and say, “Okay, now off with you” or “Go to it.” He didn’t mean it in a truly dismissive way—he just meant, okay, we’ve ironed that out, now we can go on to the next thing. Get on with it. (He often ended staff devotions that same way.) I miss him. And I’m not the only one who feels his absence since he went to be with his Lord on December 12. In our tribute to him in this issue, we’ve included comments from friends of ICR (“Remembering the Life and Legacy of Dr. Henry M. Morris III”). One of our readers said, “What a loss for us all.” So true—what a loss for us all.

And yet, as Dr. Henry often said, we continue to “go to it,” to press on with ICR’s mission. ICR President Dr. Randy Guliuzza reminds us of our ministry’s primary aim in his article “The Mission of the Institute for Creation Research.” He says, “The mission of ICR is to consistently exalt the Lord Jesus through everything that we communicate. Our message through articles, books, or videos must highlight the workmanship of Christ—especially as expressed in living creatures—which is unfailingly glorious. All of us at ICR feel privileged to use science to rightfully credit Christ as our Creator and Savior and thus demonstrate why Jesus is worthy to be the center of our deepest love, affection, and devotion.”

ICR zoologist Frank Sherwin honors Christ as he points out the Creator’s ingenuity in the design of cuttlefish and concludes with the observation that “the Master Engineer is to be praised for such sophistication in His living world” (“Created Cuttlebone’s Sweet Spot”). The park series we’re featuring in Acts & Facts this year demonstrates our Creator’s majesty and creativity. We hope you enjoy reading “Arches National Park: Sculptures from the Flood.” And the ICR Communications team has created activities especially for your children so they can grow in their understanding of Jesus as our Creator. We encourage you to talk through the faith-building facts with them in “Creation Kids: Jupiter.”

When we honor Christ as Creator in the midst of a world that exalts evolution, we continue the legacy of Dr. Henry M. Morris III and those who came before him who encouraged Christian believers to uphold the accuracy and authority of Scripture. We have sweet memories of God’s faithfulness throughout the 50 years of ICR’s ministry existence, and we have assurance of His grace and help as we “go to it.” As we move forward with ICR’s mission, we offer our worship and love to our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ, and we invite you to join us as we press on.

* Jayme Durant is Director of Communications at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Jayme Durant. 2021. Memories and Missions. Acts & Facts. 50 (2).

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