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Meet ICR's Communications Department

“Can we get a kids’ book on dinosaurs?” “Does this sentence sound okay?” “Can you add zing to this title and make this letter sing?”

These questions and more come to the ICR Communications Department. This dedicated team of writers, editors, designers, and artists collaborates to produce ICR’s Acts & Facts magazine, Days of Praise devotional booklet, promotional materials, news articles, and books, particularly those intended for general audiences and children.

The Communications staff also reviews the ministry-related writings of ICR scientists and experts and designs their books for publication. These projects require Communications team members to not only be up-to-date on grammar and style guides but to also have a basic understanding of scientific concepts and ICR’s creation perspective on a wide range of topics.

Collectively, we represent over 62 years of experience working in creation ministry at the Institute for Creation Research. This year we are continuing to publish Acts & Facts, Days of Praise, news, and a wide array of books and other print materials that enable ICR to encourage your heart and build your faith. We can’t wait to get more of these resources into your hands!

Visit to find these and other resources produced by the ICR Communications team, or go to to sign up for our free publications.

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