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The ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History Is Now Open!

September 2, 2019, marked the grand opening of the ICR Discovery Center for Science & Earth History. On that first day, over 1,600 visitors experienced a journey through Earth’s history in the exhibit hall, explorations of space and sea in the planetarium, and live science presentations throughout the day in our new auditorium. It was a joy to see people of every shape, size, and color flowing through the doors to discover how science confirms creation.

When visitor Lisa Shepler was asked to describe her Discovery Center experience, she said, “Awe and wonder! We went to the lecture and [Dr. Randy Guliuzza] was talking about how science is worship. And that’s exactly how I felt. I love science—it just helps you to worship the Lord!”

The Discovery Center exhibit hall begins with a nod to the founders of science and includes a portrait of ICR founder Dr. Henry M. Morris, who is often referred to as the father of modern creationism. ICR was founded in 1970 in Santee, California, and the expansion of its influence to Dallas, Texas, today is a testament to God’s faithful work through His people. We’re so grateful for the way He’s used our supporters’ prayers and generosity to make the Discovery Center possible.

Do you know a family, school, or church group that could benefit from what the Discovery Center has to offer? Please help us spread the word! If you couldn’t join us during the opening weeks, we hope you’ll come for a visit soon. Check out our website for tickets and details on planning your visit. Annual memberships are available at


Yes, we’re open, but we still need funds to fully complete this incredible ministry outreach. Visit for more information. Partner with us in prayer and help us proclaim the truth of our Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ!

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