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Freedom of Giving Threatened by Secular Forces

The Institute for Creation Research has certainly weathered its share of attacks during the last 41 years of service. The ICR body of work, showing the scientific credibility of the biblical creation account in particular and the exquisite accuracy of Scripture in general, is vigorously rejected by those who embrace an evolutionary worldview. ICR has come to expect the resulting series of attacks against our ministry, for they confirm the effectiveness of our commitment to glorify the marvelous handiwork of our Creator as expressed in His perfect Word.

But the latest assault against the ICR ministry has risen to a new level.

In an effort to eliminate the freedom of state employees to support Christian-based charities of their choosing, a University of Texas biology professor has filed a formal grievance against ICR's inclusion as an approved Texas-based charity. Dr. David Hillis, an outspoken opponent of ICR's scientific research and education programs, asserts that ICR "is an anti-science organization"1 that should be stripped from an extensive list of charities already approved by the Texas State Employee Charitable Campaign. ICR was approved by the Texas program two years ago after an exhaustive review process. Pledges made by state employees—representing donations from individuals, not state government funding—are only directed to those eligible charities of the employee's choice.

Please know that ICR receives minimal support through workplace giving programs like this, so any potential loss of financial support through this program is of little concern. Yet, state employees should be free to give to any approved charity of their choosing. Eliminating ICR as a viable choice would also eliminate the freedom of those Bible-believing state employees who desire to support our work.

The attempt of our adversaries to temporarily disrupt our operations is confirmation that ICR remains on the path of His truth. The pursuit and communication of His truth is still the singular focus of ICR's work, and by God's grace and provision our ministry continues to expand and is now reaching more people today than ever before. But there is still much work left to do, and our agenda is positively bursting with exciting new initiatives to uncover the scientific evidence for creation and communicate the relevant truth of Christ our Creator. This Christmas season, please continue to pray, and give as you are able, to see that this vital work continues.

May God richly bless you this Christmas season and in the coming New Year.


  1. Haurwitz, R. K. M. UT professors object to creation institute's inclusion in charity list. Austin American-Statesman, November 30, 2011.

* Mr. Morris is Director of Donor Relations.

Article posted December 2, 2011.

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