Do the Data Support a Large Meteorite Impact at Chicxulub? | The Institute for Creation Research
Do the Data Support a Large Meteorite Impact at Chicxulub?

In Answers Research Journal 10 (2017): 71-88

Chicxulub, Mexico has become synonymous with the dinosaur extinction in the secular literature. It is often referred to as the “smoking gun.” But how much of the data really support an asteroid impact? This paper reviews the history of the Chicxulub site and critically examines all pertinent data. It addresses the findings of the most recent well drilling activity, the earlier oil wells at the site, and all relevant geophysical data. Many surprising results are discussed, including the less than expected amounts of diagnostic high pressure minerals, the limited amounts of pseudotachylyte and iridium and even the lack of significant melt-rich rock. Alternative explanations are offered to explain the shocked quartz, ring faults and the claimed “peak ring.” The ambiguous nature of the gravity anomaly is addressed and an alternative interpretation is offered. Conclusions are made that indicate the evidence for a large impact at Chicxulub may not be as strong as generally believed. A case can also be made that there was no impact. Although some meteorites likely struck the earth during the Flood, creation scientists need to critically assess each site before incorporating them into their Flood models.

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