FAQ and Information

Although ICR does not have a staff person available to answer individual Bible and science questions, we encourage you to use our convenient search feature to access creation science content that spans 40 years of ministry. No doubt some of our scientists have written on your subject already. To find articles referencing a topic of particular interest:

1. Click “Search” and then select “Tools” from the main menu at the upper left of any page, or go to http://www.icr.org/home/search/.

2. The four blank boxes offer four options for customizing your search:

a. “all these words” will search all the words you type, but in no specific order
b. “this exact word or phrase” will search the words in the exact order that you enter them
c. “any of these words” will search the all of words regardless of their order or whether they all appear in the same article
d. “none of these words” searches based on the exclusion of the words you enter

3. In one of the four blank boxes, enter the word or combination of words you are searching.

4. The “page type” allows you to specify the kinds of articles you wish to search, i.e., Articles, Bible, etc. If you make no selection, the search engine will search everything in the library (which is quite extensive).

5. Selecting an item from the “page type” will offer more ways to narrow your search.

Should you desire further study, we encourage you to visit our online store for books, DVDs, and other resources that deal with a variety of topics in creation science.

A Note to Our Users:

For stewardship purposes, we will not be able to write, edit, or proofread science papers and projects, complete homework assignments, evaluate personal theories and hypotheses, or review books and other resources.