Combined Federal Campaign

United States federal and military employees can now uphold the authority and accuracy of Scripture by supporting ICR’s research and educational programs through this year’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC). If you believe in ICR’s work and would like to support our ministry, please prayerfully consider designating ICR as the charity of your choice.

Our CFC identification number is 23095.

Find us in the “National/International” section of your local campaign brochure.  Click here to learn more about ICR.

For questions regarding CFC donations, please contact ICR by email at

“My family and I have been so very blessed by ICR over the years. God raised up such a ministry just when it was needed the most.”
“I just finished Clearly Seen and, as usual, your books, lectures, and papers are always extremely refreshing and unique.”
“Your work is an encouragement to me, and I have learned a lot from the information that you provide and the study that you have done.”