ICR Speakers

By the time Dr. Henry Morris founded the Institute for Creation Research in 1970, he had already conducted an extensive speaking ministry on the topic of creation science around the country for over a decade. A gifted teacher, Dr. Morris spoke at churches and universities, scientific groups and public gatherings, all with the desire to communicate the authority and authenticity of the Word of God.

Through the decades, Dr. Morris enlisted others to join ICR's professional science staff, and many of them became widely known for both their writing and speaking. And that emphasis of communication continues now, with new faces and new voices heralding the same message: Jesus Christ is Creator and Lord.


Name: Dr. Henry Morris III
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Specialty: Bible, Worldview, Relevance of Genesis, Science and the Bible


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Name: Dr. Tim Clarey
Title: Research Associate
Specialty: Geology, Dinosaurs


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Name: Dr. Randy Guliuzza
Title: National Representative
Specialty: Human Body, Apologetics, Engineering Science


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Name: Lalo Gunther
Title: Director of Public Events
Specialty: Relevance of Genesis, Apologetics, Youth/Young Adult Ministry, Leadership


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Name: Dr. Leo (Jake) Hebert III
Title: Research Associate
Specialty: Physics, the Ice Age, Problems with the Big Bang


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Name: Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson
Title: Deputy Director for Life Sciences
Specialty: Problems with Evolution, Age of the Earth, Human Origins


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Name: Dr. James J. S. Johnson
Title: Chief Academic Officer, Associate Professor of Apologetics
Specialty: Bible, Apologetics, Education, Forensic Science, History


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Name: Dr. Jason Lisle
Title: Director of Research
Specialty: Astronomy, Logic, Apologetics, Physics


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Name: Frank Sherwin
Title: Research Associate, Senior Lecturer, and Science Writer
Specialty: Zoology, Oceans, Noah's Flood, Microbiology, Dinosaurs


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Name: Brian Thomas
Title: Science Writer
Specialty: Dinosaurs, Problems with Evolution, Human Origins


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