Church of the Highlands

Dr. Jake Hebert and Mr. Brian Thomas will be presenting on creation at Church of the Highlands in San Bruno, CA.

Dates: Sep 20, 2013 - Sep 21, 2013

Church of the Highlands
1900 Monterey Dr.
San Bruno, CA 94066



7:00 - What You Haven't Been Told about Dinosaurs (Mr. Brian Thomas)
8:00 - The Mysteries of the Ice Age (Dr. Jake Hebert)

9:00 - Why the Big Bang is Broken (Dr. Hebert)
10:00 - What's Wrong with Evolution? (Mr. Thomas)
11:00 - What You Haven't Been Told about Radioisotope Dating (Dr. Hebert)
Noon - How to Teach Dinosaurs and Creation (Mr. Thomas)

Map and Directions