Spreading the Creation Message through ICR Events

The Institute for Creation Research’s mission to equip believers with the truth of God’s creation has not changed since its founding by Dr. Henry Morris over 40 years ago. One effective way we carry out that mission is by providing teachers, pastors, and leaders with the knowledge ICR has gained through four decades of research, so that they may then share it with their students, congregations, and the people within their spheres of influence.

ICR’s Events Department sends our creation science experts to conferences and churches around the country. We’d like to introduce you to the kinds of events we participate in and the people who make it all happen.

ICR at Churches and Seminars

Every week, ICR receives many requests for speakers to visit churches, seminars, and Sunday schools. Director of Church and Seminar Ministries Chas Morse, assisted by Paul Rogers, works with event organizers to determine which speakers would best fit each venue.

For instance, talks about the nature of natural selection or the intricate design of the human body are normally handled by ICR’s National Representative, Dr. Randy Guliuzza, who is both a medical doctor and a professional engineer. Research Associate and Senior Lecturer Frank Sherwin is an expert on zoology and microbiology, and Science Writer Brian Thomas relays fascinating information on dinosaurs and soft tissue discoveries.

ICR also hosts conferences such as Demand the Evidence at churches. The Events staff will work directly with a ministry to host an event that fits their needs.

ICR at Conferences

The Institute for Creation Research attends various national and regional pastor and education conferences throughout the year, including the Moody Bible Institute Pastors’ Conference, Association of Christian Schools International conventions, and various homeschool conferences. We often provide keynote and/or workshop speakers to these gatherings, along with our ICR booth, where participants can learn about ICR’s ministry, interact with staff and volunteers, and obtain materials and resources.

Director of Conference Ministries Lalo Gunther, assisted by Michael Hansen, works with conference organizers to arrange for these events. He often attends the conferences as well, meeting with participants at the booth and even speaking at certain workshops about youth culture and ministry. He and Chas Morse also collaborate if there are nearby churches that are interested in having speakers give presentations before returning to ICR’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Contacting ICR about Events

Each ICR event is different. The schedule, speakers, and specific arrangements depend on the venue, the audience, and many other factors. The ICR Events staff works directly with organizers to find the best fit for each occasion.

Rexella Patterson, Assistant to the Event Directors, fields all the event requests, as well as providing assistance to both the Conference Ministries and Church and Seminar Ministries. For information about having ICR attend or host an event, contact Ms. Patterson by phone at 800.337.0375 or by email at events@icr.org.

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