Professional Certificate Program

The Creationist Worldview is an innovative program of study designed to equip current and future Christian leaders with practical tools to effectively influence their world with the truths of Scripture. A formal science degree is not required, and those who can benefit from the Creationist Worldview program includes, but is not limited to, Christian men and women who hold various positions of influence within the community, educators, ministers and church leaders, business and industry experts, professionals in medicine and law, government officials, leaders in the fine arts, and high school and college students.

Designed for people on the go, the self-paced Creationist Worldview can fit into busy schedules. Course material is accessed online and through textbooks, so students can study from any computer with an Internet connection. The certificate program has been designed to be completed in under a year.

The Creationist Worldview studies will engage students in biblical apologetics, scientific evidences of creation, medical ethics, applications of the biblical worldview in business, and more. Far from a topical survey, this program of study is an intensive exposure to critical thinking designed to challenge and motivate men and women toward personal and cultural change.

Course Objectives

Renewing Minds. To introduce students to foundational truths and evidences that clearly demonstrate the authority, authenticity, and accuracy of the Scriptures, particularly in light of religious, scientific, and societal norms conflicting with biblical Christianity.

Defending Truth. To equip students with sound scientific data regarding origin issues in the physical and biological sciences, and introduce them to the necessary textual hermeneutic skills that demonstrate biblical authority, in order to prepare them to offer superior arguments to detractors of a biblical worldview.

Transforming Culture. To enable students to follow a biblical model for distinctive Christian leadership that demonstrates kingdom living as God-appointed stewards over His creation and that seeks to influence all levels of society with a thoroughly biblical belief system.

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