The Works Of The Lord

"The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein" (Psalm 111:2).

Because "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" (v. 10 and Proverbs 9:10), the Psalmist can build upon that foundational truth and praise the Lord for "a good understanding" (Psalm 111:10) of His marvelous works. The world by wisdom knows not God, nor His works.

But the believer who has an awesome fear of the Lord will have the discernment through the Holy Spirit to both know the true God and His works.

In Psalm 111 the writer praises the Lord, "with his whole heart" (v. 1), the wonderful attributes of God's works.

"The works of the LORD are great" (v. 2) bringing great delight to those who will seek a deeper understanding of them.

"His work is honourable and glorious" due to the fact that it is based upon His ever enduring righteousness (v. 3).

"He hath shewed his people the power of his works" (v. 6). The Psalmist is thinking of God's powerful work of establishing His people in the land of Canaan, the Promised Land.

"The works of his hands are verity |absolute truth| and judgment" |justice| (v.7), as written in the Word of God, and His "covenant" (v. 9) as expressed to Abraham.

All in all, "He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered," because "The LORD is gracious and full of compassion" (v.4), sending "redemption unto His people" (v. 9).

"Holy and reverend is His name" (v. 9). "Praise ye the LORD" (v. 1). Hallelujah! NPS

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