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Dino Tracks

Dinosaur tracks can be found on every continent! But just how did they form?

Chimp DNA

Secular scientists claimed in the 1970s that chimp genomes are 98% similar to humans, and it was apparently verified by more modern techniques. But that estimate actually used isolated segments of DNA that we already share with chimps—not the whole genomes. The latest comparison that included all of the two species’ DNA revealed a huge difference from the percentage scientists have been claiming for years.


While bats live in air and dolphins live in water, both use a biological form of sonar technology called echolocation to see with sound! The specifications in dolphin and bat biosonar systems are so many, so well-integrated, and so precise, could they really have developed at random in two completely different environments?

The Ice Age

Ice sheets, saber-toothed tigers, and wooly mammoths—the Ice Age sounds like a cool time! But what caused it? And was there more than one Ice Age?

Useful and Versatile Hands

Mankind has made a lot of tools, but none of them rival the usefulness and versatility of the human hand. Its structure and design give evidence of God’s creativity and allows us to do a wide variety of tasks—like typing, eating, and building skyscrapers.

Louis Pasteur

In the 19th century, the theory of abiogenesis was widely accepted, much like evolution is today. Charles Darwin strongly promoted the idea that life was generated spontaneously from non-life. However, Louis Pasteur, a French microbiologist and believer in biblical creation, made a startling discovery that turned this notion completely upside down.

The Secret Code

Can evolution explain math? The Mandelbrot set of numbers reveals a secret code that went undiscovered for thousands of years. While mathematicians can plot this set by hand, today’s computers show with great precision the beauty God built into numbers.

Man's Best Friend

As the old saying goes, dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs perform many useful tasks—from hunting to security to helping people with disabilities. Most of us would agree that we’re just glad they’re part of the family! Where did dogs come from? How can we explain the tremendous variety of dog breeds?

Flying Machine

Leonardo da Vinci dreamed up a flying machine over 500 years ago, but it wasn’t until 1903 that the famous Wright brothers designed and successfully flew the first powered heavier-than-air aircraft. Since their inspiration came from studying the mechanics of pigeon wings in flight, the invention of airplanes is an awesome example of biomimicry—humans copying God’s design.

Turkey Coma?

How did turkey become the main course for most Thanksgiving feasts? Is the tryptophan in turkey to blame for the annual “turkey coma”? Whether or not this bird is on the menu for your family this holiday season, we have a lot to thank God for.

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