CEU Credits Now Available for ACSI Teachers and Administrators!

The ICR School of Biblical Apologetics offers periodic ACSI-accredited CEU in-service opportunities for ACSI teachers and administrators.

Now you can obtain continuing education credit from an organization dedicated to upholding the authority and accuracy of God’s Word. Not only that, you’ll receive biblical and apologetics training that will aid you as you minister to students and colleagues.

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TITLE: Truth Revealed Since the World Began: How the Creator Gives Truth to His Creatures
(Back to Genesis Lecture Series, ACSI-

DATES: October 9 and 16, 2014 (2 Thursdays)

TIME: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Institute for Creation Research, 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 (Classroom A)

CREDIT: 1.0 ACSI-approved CEU (Bible)

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. James J. S. Johnson (ICR-SOBA, ACSI-credentialed CEU provider 2153)


This course begins with a review of Luke 1:70, in context, recognizing that God has provided prophetic truth to humans from the start, with the first prophecies being provided directly by God Himself and later by God-selected humans to and through whom God communicated important truths in verbal form. God’s provision of verbalized truth to mankind is further analyzed in light of Acts 1:8 and 2 Peter 2, as well as several other related passages in the Old and New Testaments. The entire process of giving verbalized truth to humans is considered in this course, including the miraculous acts of Scripture text inspiration (2 Timothy 3:16), as well as God’s providential oversight of the preservation, translations, printings, and distributions of His Word so that God's Word is provided to the diverse peoples of the world who are now separated by languages and geography. Footage from relevant video DVDs (e.g., Beyond the Next Mountain) will be used to provide attendees with enhanced appreciation for the many challenges and requirements of providing God’s truth to a people-group who wait for the Scriptures to be given in their native tongue. This authoritative aspect of God’s revelation of truth will be contextualized by noticing its preeminent role among God’s other witnesses to mankind, i.e., the corroborating witnesses of creation, human uniqueness, Christ’s historical incarnation, and God’s historical providences in the lives and writings of His “living epistles” (2 Corinthians 3:1-3 and 4:9; Daniel 5:18-23) for those who have eyes to see it. If time allows, relevant biblical word studies will be included, as well as historical witnesses from ancient China.


  1. To investigate and identify how God has provided witnesses of truth to mankind
  2. To analyze how God’s provision of His Word (as noted in Luke 1:70) was from the beginning
  3. To appreciate the huge amount of divine and human efforts and actions necessary to provide God’s Word to people around the world throughout human history
  4. To recognize how God has not left Himself without witness to the people of the world


Scriptural insights will be observed in biblical texts, especially Luke 1:70, Acts 1:8, 2 Corinthians 3:1-3 and 4:9, Daniel 5:18-23, 2 Peter 1:16-21; 2 Timothy 3:16-17,  and parts of Genesis 9 and 49, etc. Additional resources include footage from the video DVD Beyond the Next Mountain (and part of the video DVD Candle in the Dark), Bible maps, ICR articles, and/or Young's Analytical Concordance.

COST: $30.00 if attended for CEU credit (6 hours of instruction for 1.0 CEU). Please bring payment at time of first class. If not attended for CEU credit, the class is free.

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