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The ICR School of Biblical Apologetics offers periodic ACSI-accredited CEU in-service opportunities for ACSI teachers and administrators.

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TITLE: Alaska the Great Land: Pioneers, Productivity, and Providence
(Back to Genesis Lecture Series)

DATES: February 5 and 12, 2015 (2 Thursdays)

TIME: 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Institute for Creation Research, 1806 Royal Lane, Dallas, Texas 75229 (Classroom A)

CREDIT: 1.0 ACSI-approved CEU (either as Bible or Professional/Educational credit)

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. James J. S. Johnson (ICR-SOBA, ACSI-credentialed CEU provider 2153)


This course begins with an introductory overview of Alaska being discovered in 1741 by Russia’s expedition headed by Vitus Bering, with scientist Georg Steller, followed by the settlement of southern Alaska by Russian traders. Special attention is given to the major tribes of southeastern Alaska (Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian) and how European Christianity was introduced to Alaskan natives. Alaska’s history took a major turn in 1867 when the United States purchased Alaska from Russia, with Christian missionary efforts (e.g., Christian education led by Dr. Sheldon Jackson) leading up to and after Alaska’s Gold Rush era (with special attention to gold stampedes in Juneau, the Klondike, and Nome), including Alaska’s unusual importance during World War II. The extreme dynamics of Alaska’s climate and ecosystem factors provide a rare opportunity to study unusual facets of creation science and providential history, such as the role of caribou and sled dogs (including the famous diphtheria serum relay race during 1925), as well as biblical creation evidences in the biology and ecology of Pacific salmon, humpback whales, bald eagles, moose, crabs, sea otters, and other creatures that live on Alaskan soil or in Alaskan waters. Creation science details relevant to biblical creation apologetics will be analyzed, as well as some contemporary creation stewardship issues such as sustainable development and wise use of natural resources (including oil and other minerals) as they relate to the Genesis mandate and the Great Commission.


  1. To examine biblical creation science-related highlights of Alaska’s wildlife and geophysical environment (including apologetics-oriented appreciation for the biology/ecology of Pacific salmon, humpback whales, bald eagles, moose, crabs, sea otters, and other creatures that live on Alaskan soil or in Alaskan waters);
  2. To analyze Genesis mandate applications in and to the history, geography, and resources of Alaska;
  3. To investigate the Great Commission and providential history aspects of Alaska’s unique history;
  4. To consider how Alaskan resources can be wisely used from a biblical creation stewardship; and
  5. To appreciate Alaskan wildlife and geography for creation science/apologetics applications.


PowerPoint slides, analyzed in conjunction with review of relevant Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures. Additional resources may include video footage relevant to the “problems, predicaments, proof, and providences” showcased in Alaska’s “great land” (and coast waters).

COST: $30.00 if attended for CEU credit (6 hours of instruction for 1.0 CEU). Please bring payment at time of first class. If not attended for CEU credit, the class is free.

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