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Demand the evidence! As our research projects yield results, we will publish in-depth details in the technical literature, and summaries for the layperson in Acts & Facts, ICR’s monthly magazine. Stay tuned to learn the main findings of our studies into the science of origins.

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Refuting BioLogos: Do Japanese Lake Varves Prove an Old Earth?

In 2010, the BioLogos Foundation published an article by old-earth geologists Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth presenting four supposedly unanswerable arguments for an old earth. Davidson and Wolgemuth claimed that varves within a Japanese lake prove that the earth is at least 50,000 years old. Varves are repetitive groups of laminations within sediments that are assumed to represent successive annual deposits. They claimed that since 50,000 varves had been identified within mud from this lake, the earth must be at least 50,000 years old. Is that true?


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