Desire for Justice

The universal desire for "equal justice" (and "just laws") is a demonstration of mankind's moral nature, which can only be adequately explained by man (both male and female) being a unique creature, created in God's image. Evolution would postulate that man is different from "other" animals only in degree, not kind. Mankind's innate desire for justice is a proof of mankind's inherently moral nature, which itself is a proof of God's status as Creator. 

Equal Justice Requires Universal Laws

Real justice is “equal.” Equal justice requires universal laws. But universal laws do not emerge randomly; they need a universal Lawgiver. More...

Just Laws Rely on Truth

Laws based on falsehood or wrong are not just laws. Just laws must be based on what is true and what is right. More...

Reliable Evidence Is Required

To have justice, we need just laws. But just laws cannot work apart from true evidence, which is necessary for us to recognize what is relevant and true. Analyzing evidence requires recognizing relevance and testing for truth. More...

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