Accurate Data

The Bible is unique among all books. Not only is it different in its form, structure, and history, but it takes the position of supernatural superiority to all other communication. It insists on total accuracy for its content and absolute obedience to its commands. No other book is so demanding.

Historical Accuracy

The biblical record is full of testable historical and archaeological data, unlike the sacred texts of other religions. Wherever such historical information is cited, the data has proven to be precise and trustworthy. More...

Scientific Accuracy

The Bible is not a science textbook, but it does deal with scientifically relevant issues. Although much controversy surrounds the early chapters of Genesis, empirical (observable, testable, repeatable) science verifies the Bible’s information. More...

Reliable Eyewitnesses

The information available about the 40 authors of the biblical text clearly demonstrates both their historicity and their credibility. Many of these writers were well known in secular history, and many suffered cruelly while defending the accuracy of their material. More...

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