Science Resources for the Homeschool

Bible-believing parents who choose to homeschool their children do so for a number of important reasons, but many, if not most, choose this path in order to safeguard the godly upbringing of their children. They want them to have a solid education without having to undergo the constant assault of godless secularism that characterizes the public school classroom.

The Institute for Creation Research knows how important the right to choose your child’s curricula is to homeschooling families. Parents must be on guard in order to make sure that the curricula and materials they choose to prepare their students will be from a biblical worldview, while still promoting critical thinking skills that will be vital for their college experience and life ahead.

For that reason, parents constantly ask me what resources ICR has available for homeschooling families. In keeping with its ongoing mission to equip parents and teachers with evidence of the accuracy and authority of Scripture, ICR developed Science Education Essentials, five special creation-based teaching supplements that parents and Christian school teachers can use alongside their normal curricula to teach young minds how science supports the truth of the biblical accounts of creation, the Flood, and other aspects of our earth and its history.

We also encourage parents to explore the ICR website ( for creation-based science information they can share with their children on a variety of subjects. Our archive of science articles spans decades of ICR research and commentary on the important scientific issues of the day. Other online ICR resources are the bi-weekly episodes of our new online video program That’s a Fact and the Science Essentials education blog that I host, which offers weekly student activities and other useful information for the homeschool parent.

As important as it is to provide good, scholarly resources, ICR believes it is just as important to empower you with tools and information to help you review materials to find those that are appropriate for your children based upon a biblical worldview. Below are seven Tips for Choosing Science Curriculum:1

1) Look for the lingo. Understand the key points of evolutionary science and the compromise theories, along with their buzz words, before you start looking at material.

2) Review thoroughly. Do the publishers/authors state their view on creation, science, or Genesis? There is no place for neutrality in creation science.

3) Choose biblical, not Christian. Ensure the curriculum teaches students science from a biblical creation worldview, rather than from any mix of Christianity and evolutionary ideas.

4) Keep science in its place. Never put science on such a high pedestal that it overshadows the authority of the Bible.

5) Teach tough issues, but honor the Creator. At some point prior to college, students will need to be prepared with sufficient knowledge about evolutionary science. Teach it accurately, but within the context of biblical truth.

6) Avoid evolutionary ideas:

  • Big Bang theory
  • Millions and billions of years
  • Darwinian evolution and natural selection
  • Animal to hominid to man evolution
  • Genesis creation account is poetic or symbolic
  • Death before sin
  • Local or tranquil flood theories

7) Select biblical ideas:

  • Genesis creation account (six 24-hour days, recent creation)
  • Created kinds
  • Man made in the image of God
  • Literal Adam and Eve
  • Death was a result of the Fall and is judgment for sin
  • Global, catastrophic Flood of Noah’s day

ICR offers DVDs, books, and other creation-based materials for use in the home through our online store. And we encourage you to check our events schedule for ICR speakers who may be headed to your area.2


  1. Forlow, B. Tips for Choosing Science Curriculum. Posted on
  2. For more information regarding K-12 science resources and to find upcoming events for ICR speakers, visit

* Dr. Forlow is Education Specialist at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Forlow, R. 2012. Science Resources for the Homeschool. Acts & Facts. 41 (4): 19.

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