Promoting Christ-centered Home Education

Bible-believing parents who choose to homeschool their children do so for a number of important reasons, but many, if not most, choose this path in order to safeguard the godly upbringing of their children. They want a solid education for them without having to battle the constant assault of godless secularism that characterizes the public school classroom. For Christian parents, homeschooling is a way to promote a Christ-centered education, one that will prepare their students with a biblical worldview and critical thinking skills vital for their college experience and beyond.

No doubt, more homeschool families will be reassessing their approach to home education due to the recent controversy swirling around the Great Homeschool Conventions, Inc., in Cincinnati.1 One major question seems to be: Is the Christian home education movement still Christ-centered?

"Unfortunately, as organizations grow and find a stronger foothold," remarks Dr. Henry Morris III of the Institute for Creation Research, "there are some who seek to influence or broaden the base beyond its fundamental purposes. I am reminded that Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God could be compared to a big tree, that when full grown 'the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches' (Matthew 13:32). While that perhaps cannot be prevented altogether, what we can do, however, is identify the 'birds' and keep them from making a nest in our hair!"

The board of the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership recently reaffirmed to ICR that they purpose "to keep Christ in Christian home education, to encourage state leaders, and to provide a network of sharing ideas and resources which will aid the state organization to hold firm to biblical principles and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ."

"I especially appreciate the National Alliance, many of whose board members I know and respect," Dr. Morris added, "for taking the time to share their commitment to Christ-centered conventions."

ICR loves homeschoolers and participates in many of their conferences each year, offering solid biblical teaching in worldview and the sciences, as well as science curricula that help moms and dads train their children from a biblical perspective. Our goal, along with other biblical ministries, is to help parents establish their children in the most fundamental of all truths—that there is a Creator-God who loves them and seeks to enrich their lives both in time and eternity.


  1. Morris III, H. A Time to Keep Silent, and a Time to Speak. ICR News. Posted on March 24, 2011.

* Mr. Ford is Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Article posted on March 30, 2011.

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