Purpose-driven Drift: Francis Collins and the Doctrine of BioLogos

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and recent keynote speaker at ICR's 40th anniversary celebration in Dallas, published an online article on November 9 in which he reviewed an example of current theological drift among those who profess to be evangelical Christians—namely, the BioLogos Forum, which was founded by Dr. Francis Collins, President Barack Obama's appointment to head the National Institutes of Health. Below is a link to Dr. Mohler's analysis of the Biologos "conundrum":

Dr. Mohler is not the only one appalled by this group of intellectuals who are attempting to convince the Church to accept evolution…or else.

The Institute for Creation Research began warning the Christian public about these errors in 2009. Read our various commentaries on and responses to the BioLogos "conversations" here:

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Pastor and teacher Dr. John MacArthur has not been silent on this issue, either. A staunch defender of biblical authority, inerrancy, and recent creation, Dr. MacArthur's ministry, Grace to You, has spent several months in 2010 engaging the issues of biblical drift amongst the BioLogos writers and others who compromise the Genesis record. Read Dr. MacArthur's analyses here:

The purveyors of the BioLogos doctrine would have you believe that ordinary Christians who reject evolution in favor of the Bible's account of creation, who read the Scriptures in a commonsense fashion, and who simply take God at His word, are intellectually unsophisticated, an embarrassment to the Church, and a stumbling block to evangelism. Are we really?

It's hard enough for any of us on this earth who love the Lord to "trust and obey," as the old hymn reminds us. But to purposely sow seeds of scriptural distrust among Christians because of what evolution-minded scientists and theologians think—now that's a fearful undertaking. Believer, beware!

* Mr. Ford is Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Article posted on November 10, 2010.

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