Standing in the Gap

I'm writing this month's column looking out over the Black Hills of South Dakota. What a gorgeous site! Rolling hills, beautiful pines, and even Mount Rushmore a few miles away. Vacations have been few and far between in the last three years with the enormity of our tasks at ICR--relocating our headquarters to Dallas, expanding our publications department, initiating brand new conferences and seminars across the country, and upgrading our media, just to name a few. Much thanks to Dr. and Mrs. Randy Guliuzza for the hospitality of their "cabin in the woods." Dr. Henry Morris' August 30th devotional "Prepared for You" in Days of Praise was a reminder that the Lord Jesus has prepared a special place--not a vacation home, but a permanent residence--for all of us who have been adopted into His family. Best of all, the reservation is guaranteed!

Speaking of beautiful places on earth, in September ICR led a fantastic group of adventurers on our Yosemite Creation Tour. If you've never been on an ICR tour, you're missing out on a tremendous blessing. I'll have a full report for you in our November issue.

This is ICR's busiest time of year at conferences and seminars around the country. It also begins the annual ACSI convention season. ICR speakers are conducting some 70 seminars at ACSI conventions alone. Read more about this on page 8. If you are a Christian school teacher, consider attending one of these regional meetings. The launch of our new Science Education Essentials curriculum supplements is drawing much attention from teachers. It is K-12 science education from the experts at the ICR Graduate School--those who have the credentials and experience to design and teach Christian educators how to fully integrate biblical creation principles in science classrooms.

And don't forget to register for one of three Demand the Evidence conferences being held across the United States in October and November. The cost is just 25.00 USD (20.00 USD if you register early, and 15.00 USD for students). For more details, visit

Enclosed in Acts & Facts this month is our Fall Resource Guide, which keeps expanding as ICR publishes and acquires many new books, DVDs, and teaching aids on science, Bible, and apologetics topics. One of these new items is our annual teaching poster, this year titled Fossil Record of Noah's Flood. The iconic images of fossils--normally used in evolution-based geologic column charts--have been arranged according to Flood geology. Kudos to graphic designer Susan Windsor for her original artwork and stunning design. Science Writer Brian Thomas and ICR President Dr. John Morris expertly reviewed the content for accuracy. This is a great resource for science teachers in Christian schools!

ICR continues to stand in the gap for truth as we confront our culture with the veracity of the biblical record and teach men and women how to defend their faith. But we need you to contend for the faith with us. The battle is the Lord's, and your faithfulness as intercessors and supporters is needed more than ever. Thank you for standing with us.

* Mr. Ford is Executive Editor at the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Ford, L. 2009. Standing in the Gap. Acts & Facts. 38 (10): 3.

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