New Doors in Dallas

After much toil and prayer, an empty building shell has been transformed into the new ICR academic and research center. Several faculty members are now in residence, along with the IT Department. The geology and biology laboratories are ready to begin operations. The theological library has been unpacked and the books carefully shelved, and a revised and automated warehouse and fulfillment center is in business.

By God's grace and provision, the move of our headquarters from Santee to Dallas is nearing completion. For now, the Museum of Creation and Earth History remains in California, along with our radio operations, pending the completion of the radio studio in Dallas. We appreciate your prayers and messages of encouragement during this time of transition.

The Dallas campus has also welcomed some new additions. The administration building has a fresh "look" with the installation of a façade on the face of the building, and a new monument sign--specially designed with a base that looks like Grand Canyon strata--has been added to further identify ICR's headquarters.

Our latest building residents come with an imposing pedigree. At a natural science auction earlier this year, ICR acquired some impressive fossil specimens. Boris the cave bear graces our lobby, ready to greet visitors. And Levi--short for Leviathan (Job 41)--is a mosasaur, a giant marine reptile. We were able to introduce these newest members to the ICR Board during its regular meeting in January.

We are continuing to recruit additional support and research staff. Please remember us in your prayers. Even with all the changes, ICR's mission and ministry remain the same. It is exciting to see the Lord open new doors for us in Dallas.

* Dr. Morris is Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Creation Research.

Cite this article: Morris III, H. 2008. New Doors in Dallas. Acts & Facts. 37 (3): 9.

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