Your Origins Matter

Student Outreach: Your Origins Matter

Where did I come from? How is what I believe about Genesis relevant? Does the beginning of life matter to my life today?

In a culture filled with mixed messages about where we came from, creation vs. evolution, and the beginning of life, it’s easy to find yourself asking these questions—or even wondering if the answers to them matter at all. The heated debate from both sides of the fence can make it even harder to navigate the topic and genuinely engage the issue.

Understanding where we came from is instrumental in understanding our purpose today. Join the conversation. Discover your design. Learn why your origins matter.

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What Is the Origin of Life?

What Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Are Plants Alive?

Can Raw Energy Create Order?

Is Believing in Evolution the Same Kind of Thing as Believing in Gravity?

Does Convincing Evidence For Evolution Exist?

Was There an Ice Age?

How Do I Know There Really Is A God?

Did God Lie to Us?

Why Did God Create Us?

Why Does Nearly Every Culture Have a Tradition of a Global Flood?

Does Science Conflict With The Bible?