The evidence for creation is vast. Explore the ever-increasing list of reasons why creation is the best explanation for our intricately designed and precisely balanced universe.

Evidence for Creation
  Evidence for God
  Cause and Effect
  Everything Has a Cause
  The Effect Problem
  The Triune Universe
  Time, Space, and Matter
  The Logical Implications
  Design and Purpose
  God Caused Beauty
  God Caused Justice
  God Caused Love
  God Caused Meaning
  God Caused Order
  God Caused Time, Space, and Matter
  God Caused Wisdom
  Evidence for Truth
  Natural Laws
  The Foundation of Science Is Absolute Truth
  Science Tests Subjective Experience against Absolute Truth
  Empirical Science Is Observable
  Historical Science Is Based on Assumptions
  The Laws of Science Require a Creator
  Human Conscience
  Knows That Good Is Better Than Evil
  Acknowledges a Spiritual Part of Life
  Recognizes Man's Authority over Animals and Earth
  Desire for Justice
  Equal Justice Requires Universal Laws
  Just Laws Rely on Truth
  Reliable Evidence Is Required
  Evidence from Nature
  God's Invisible Things
  Nature Reveals God's Power
  Nature Reveals God's Presence
  Nature Reveals God's Protection
  Nature Reveals God's Provision
  Nature Reveals God's Wisdom
  The Earth Is Unique
  The Earth Itself
  The Sun and Moon
  The Miracle of Water
  The Miracle of Air
  Unique Environment for Life
  The Heavens Declare
  The Speech of the Day
  The Knowledge of the Night
  Evidence from Science
  Evidence from the Physical Sciences
  The Universe Was Created
  The Universe Was Created Powerfully
  The Universe Was Created Recently
  The Universe Is Stable
  Energy Cannot Naturally Be Created or Destroyed
  Available Energy Decreases Over Time
  Elements Are Dependable across the Universe
  The Solar System Must Have Been Created
  The Earth Was Uniquely Created
  Earth Was Created for Life
  Earth Was Created in a Wonderful Location
  Earth's Core Was Created to Protect Life
  Earth's Water Cycle Protects and Provides
  Evidence from the Earth Sciences
  Geological Processes Were Catastrophic
  Global Catastrophic Model
  Worldwide Catastrophic Evidence Is Everywhere
  The Global Flood Is the Key to the Past
  Much Evidence Exists for a Worldwide Flood
  Geological Evidence Indicates Rapid Formation
  The Global Flood Explains the Ice Age
  Fossils Reflect Life's Original Diversity
  Fossils Show Rapid and Catastrophic Burial
  Fossils Are Found at All Levels
  Fossils Show Stasis and No Transitional Forms
  Men and Dinosaurs Coexisted
  Many Earth Clocks Indicate Recent Creation
  Diamonds and Strata Have Too Much Carbon-14
  Minerals Have Too Much Helium
  The Sea Does Not Have Enough Minerals
  Ice Cores Fit with Recent Creation
  Evidence from the Life Sciences
  All Life Systems Were Created by God
  DNA Was Created as a Reservoir for the Information of Life
  Proteins Were Created to Catalyze the Reactions of Life
  Cells Protect Life Systems
  God's Design Is an Engineering Wonder
  Only God Could Have Made Cells
  Design Found in Nature Inspires Innovation
  Life Was Created Fully Functional
  Variation Is Limited within Kinds
  The Natural Direction of Life Is Degeneration, Not Evolution
  Living Creatures Were Clearly Designed
  Living Creatures Were Equipped to Adapt
  Man Was Created by God
  Man Was Recently and Miraculously Created in the Image of God
  All People Descended Recently from a Single Family
  Humans Are Stewards with Purpose and Accountability
  Man Was Created Distinct from Apes
  Biological Clocks Indicate Recent Creation
  Mutational Buildup Indicates Living Populations Are Young
  Living Fossils Display No Signs of Evolution's Long Ages
  Original Biochemistry Shows That Fossils Are Recent
  Evidence from Scripture
  Authentic Text
  The Manuscripts
  The Message
  Accurate Data
  Historical Accuracy
  Genesis Is Historically True
  Creation Was 24/6 and Recent
  Plants and Animals Are Distinct
  Sin Caused Death
  The Flood Was Global
  Biblical Data Are Historically Testable
  Scientific Accuracy
  Reliable Eyewitnesses
  Assessable Results
  Transformed Lives
  Accurate Predictions
  Contrasting Worldviews
  Human Stewardship
  Human Accountability
  Government and Politics
  Environment and Ecology
  Ethics and Justice
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Podcast Series
  Anthropology, Archaeology, and Asteroids
  Beauty in Motion
  Biblical Creation Confirmed
  Creation Apologetics
  Creation Geology
  Creation Physics
  Creationist Worldview
  Dinosaurs and the Bible
  Five Reasons to Believe in Recent Creation
  God’s Universe on Display: Telescope to Microscope
  Omnipotent Creator or God Particle?
  Recent Creation Confirmed
  Science and Theology
  Scientific Evidence for Creation
  Scientific Evidence for Divine Design
  Six Days of Creation
  The Bible and Science
  The Created Sun and Moon
  The Ice Age and Climate Change
  The Science Behind Recent Creation
  Physical Sciences Resources
  Math and Logic
  Radiometric Dating
  Earth Sciences Resources
  Age of the Earth
  Biblical Age of the Earth
  Scientific Evidence for Recent Creation
  Reasons to Doubt Secular Ages
  Circular Reasoning Behind Secular Ages
  Climate Change
  Fossil Record
  Ice Age
  Noah's Ark and Flood
  Life Sciences Resources
  Human Body
  Origin of Life
  Problems with Evolution
  Science in the News
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