Structure of Matter

Creation-Based K-12 Curriculum Supplement

Table of Contents
Preface 7
Science—A Matter of Prediction 9
First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics 11
  First Law of Thermodynamics 11
  Second Law of Thermodynamics 13
Structure of the Atom 17
  Protons and Neutrons 18
  Electrons 19
  Quarks 21
The Periodic Table of Elements 25
  Understanding the Elemental Box 26
  A Survey of the Elements 27
  Historical Development of the Periodic Table 29
  The Problem of Isotopes 32
Properties of Chemical Compounds 35
  Chemical Bonding 36
  Reaction Rates 39
  Phases of Matter 40
Bibliography 43

Structure of Matter includes a content book and a CD-ROM packed with K-12 reproducible classroom activities and PowerPoint presentations. Science Education Essentials are designed to work within your school’s existing science curriculum, with an uncompromising foundation of creation-based science instruction.

Created by the faculty and scientists at the Institute for Creation Research.

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