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Louis Lavallee, M.S., M.Div. - The famous 1831-36 voyage of His Majesty's Ship (HMS) Beagle, with Charles Darwin on board as naturalist, was a voyage in service of the Creator. Its primary purpose was to survey the coast of lower South America. In helping secure the safety of...

Louis Lavallee, M.S., M.Div. - "It pleased God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for the manifestation of the glory of His eternal power, wisdom, and goodness, in the beginning, to create or make of nothing the world, and all things therein, whether visible or...

Louis Lavallee, M.S., M.Div. - As the early church grew in the Graeco-Roman world, the apostles and fathers preached to men who believed in evolution. In Athens, Paul encountered Epicurean and Stoic philosophers.1 These and other early philosophers were also scientists. They...

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